Baloney Heads

The Band


Waldo (Wally Gunn) - Vocal (lead)


Manfred "Stan" Bloch (Stan Townhouse) - Guitar


Radar Kilowatt -  Bass


Mr. Microphone  (George Duffy) - Vocals


Spike (Ed Savage) - Vocals





I'm a Drunk



One time The Baloney Heads were asked to play at a battered women's benefit at Pirate's Cove, by the ladies that worked with Wally Gunn at WEA.


The ladies knew that the end of "Life's Rough" had the line, "and so I smacked her," so they asked Wally not to do the song. Wally told them that the song was anti-violence and they should do it.


Then they asked to change the last line, so he said he'd change it to "and so I kissed her." He told Sonic Stan, Radar and Sticks Foland...but forgot to tell Spike Savage.


So, as the song starts to end, Wally does his line "and so I kissed her." Following a 5 second pause, the next voice over the p.a. was Spike's going "actually, he beat the shit out of her...and she loved it."


Outside of Ron Skinner, Peanuts, Don Kriss, Brian Callahan and Denny Chalupa laughing their heads off at the bar, you couldn't hear a pin drop in the room.



AT 99 CENTS A POUND YOU CAN'T BEAT THE MEAT!" Ahhh yes, the Baloney Heads, who could forget? I even had to blow the dust off the 45 to get some of the specifics correct.


Yes kitties, in 1980 our local boyz put out a single not a CD, and the Baloney Heads skyrocketed to drunkeness and local stardumb along with a sundry of friends and fans~~ Who could forget "I'm A Drunk" or "Life's Rough"? ...Not I!


The single, recorded and mixed at After Dark Recording, Parma, Ohio by Kirk Yano; April-May 1980. With special thanks to Peanuts, Bob Ferrell, Don Kriss and EVERYONE who helped make the Baloney Heads Wacko; Wacko; Wacko! Dedicated to Ron Skinner, Larry, Curly, Moe, Keith Moon, and Jeff; on O-No Records... Those were the DAZE!


Hypnotic states besides, the Heads formed as many bands do, over manymany beers and lots of yuks in somebodys' living room. Hopefully, everyone is still alive and well and living somewhere, and still strummin' pickin' and drinkin' with each other! Time has lost many of the specifics for me, but not the hype or hysteria of the HEADS!



Phantasy checking out the Pagans. Just smokin' and drinkin' and being generally fun loving obnoxiuos heads having fun like always. Tommy Gunn, and Wally Gunn are of course, no relation-- but there might have been a certain affinity there due to the last name thing-- Anyway, at that time, Waldo and Terry O-No were a "thang" and of course every buddy knew every buddy else, so O-no, the sleaze tease that she was, was standing front and center checkin' Tommy out. It was late, time for last call, Tommy was wailing on his axe and O-no was just there-- done up in black lace, and black spandex, waaaay too much makeup, and CFMP's 3 inches high... sorta suckin' down the last bad hit o'beer, when all of a sudden the last song of the night ended and Tommy jumped off the stage landing directly on top of her. Splat! Flattened! Just like that. Tommy pulled her up off her butt and kinda brushed the dust off, hands O-no his guitar as though she knew what to do with that~~ then proceeds to move along, like that was "normal". Hmmmmm, Waldo, apparently MIA up until that moment, appears and takes the guitar from O-no's hand and in true Keith Moon fashion, smashes the livin' toothpicks outa the guitar, into the floor... frets a flyin' everywhere... Still holding the now battered les paul by its' remains,Waldo hands the guitar back to Tommy and pulls O-no off the dance floor, leaving. Not saying another word. Ahhhh, mammaries....