Insanity and the Killers

Turk Morrel (Rodney Mapes) - Vocal (lead), Saxaphone

Insanity (Jeff Bates) - Guitar, Vocals

Vasil Zook (Bruce Willis) - Keyboards

Jeff Beer (Peter Smee) - Drums

Pinch de Mag Wad (Jim Bacha) - Bass, Vocals

To be Insane is to be neglected, to be "outside the mythos." Perhaps in this sense, the name "Insanity and the Killers" fits these progressive musicians from Clevelands west side. Garnering little recognition, few were probably aware of these musical lunitics. Trying to overcome obscurity is not easy when you refuse to compromise. Integrity is expenisive.

Their music, not quite new wave because the feeling of their concerts conjures beatniks being cool; but not that dated because their songs are very reflective of today's society, is somewhere in bewteen. New-niks if you will.

Born from previuos local bands Clearlight and Masque, and then Throw Money, the Killers as they are affectionately known are Pinch de Mag Wad, apocalyptic bass, body effects, and vocals; Vasil Zook on keyboards and Jesus; Turk Morrel, saxophone, synthesizer, and lead vocals; Peter Smee on drums and granny glasses; and their leader Insanity, guitar and lead vocals.

Noted for their on stage energy and use of props, the Killers have created an original, humorous brand of music much like what the Tubes and Frank Zappa have done. Their musical commentary includes such social phenomena as sniffing tuleo, "Playpen Eyes", watching television, "Let me CTV", and modern love, "Do You Swallow It?", and Microwave, Suicide." Their humor is often satirical. They know how to tell a joke.

The Killers "dead set" must be seen to be appreciated. Members of the audience don masks and dildos and play dead to songs like "Dead Men with Hard Ons", Necrophilia fever. A crowd favorite is "Slash Scrotum" which is about a bellboy in a gay hotel who always wanted to be a surgeon. If you like to laugh and be musically stimulated then I highly recommend them.

Jim Onysko

Edge City

I remember Yatesborough, PA. The Killers played at a teen club. It was the only building within eyesight and you could see for miles. Pure farm country. Ads all over the club portrayed the band as a cover band, doing Microwave Suicide to the tune of Cocaine. (Actually, it was Microwave Suicide after cocaine, but I digress.)

There were probably 500 - 600 kids there. There was no other place to go in this burg. They wanted to hear cover music and didn't seem into the Killers originals. But there was no place to go (I repeat myself when under stress). There was a group of them that would chant 'You SUCK!' after every song. Turk Morell, the lead singer, was pretty good at using that for his schtick.

The Killers still played songs carried over from the Clearlight/Masque days. One was Razor's Edge. This used to start with the 'Huh? OH!' chorus, a chant of 'Huh? OH!' leading into the start of the song. They had dropped the chorus prior to this gig. But it was the last song of the second set and when they started, they did the chorus. I looked over at Kathy (the soundperson) and she said, "When did they start this again?" But they changed the words to 'You SUCK!'.

After that set, the manager of the bar asked if the Turk could play guitar or something because the sax made the kids nervous. Then, for the third and last set, Turk would introduce all the Killers songs as new songs from current bands. The kids bought it and loved them for the rest of the night. Then there was the sugar in the gas tanks...


NY City Throwaway

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