The Lepers

Pie Tinn - Vocal (lead)

Richard Redmond - Guitar, Vocals

Al Luminum - Guitar, Vocals

Vic Mature - Drums

We had been working Fitzpatrick's Rainbow every Sunday night for a couple months and getting really tired of trying to do three sets in front of 10 people by ourselves. We read about the Lepers and somehow contacted them. I don't recall how, but it was a perfect match. I remember the first time they played. It was just Barb, Paul and Mark. A guitar, drums and a chick singer. How loud could that be? Man, they were so loud we had to go into the parking lot to listen to them. But they were great, exactly what we were looking for. Working with them, we were able to bring others in--Public Enemy, The Decoys, X-Blank-X, Syd's Dance Band, Pagans, Ubu--because of the Lepers' cache in the punk scene. We played for a year straight at Fitz' and had a one-year anniversary featuring us and The Lepers. It was great! But somehow that whole scene got lost in the cracks. Now, it's all coming out again. We have miles and miles of tapes of those shows, photos, posters, copies of Veland--yes, the whole ugly story will come out! Stay tuned, but don't stay in tune. Nobody did back then.

Dan Cook

Coitus Interruptus

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