Jimi Imij - Vocals

Tommy Strange - Guitar

Mike Hurray - Drums

Franklin Tarver - Bass

Brad Warner - Bass

Johnny Phlegm - Bass

ODFX AKA Zero Defex, aka Zero Defects was a hardcore punk act from Akron. Guitarist Tommy Strange (Tom Seiler) was the former guitarist for the Bursting Brains, singer Jimi Imij had been in various groups the most notable of which was the V-Nervz, drummer Mike Hurray (on stage: Mickey X-Nelson) was from the Nelsons (where he played bass). I have no idea about the history of original bassist Franklin, one of Akron's very rare black punk rockers. He didn't last long and was replaced temporarily by Johnny Phlegm (John Despins) who never considered himself a true member of the group. They found me, Brad Warner (aka Brad No Sweat) thru an ad in Scene magazine. I was the bassist who lasted longest and I play on all their "pro" recordings such as those that appear on the New Hope comp and on R-Radical Records' Peace comp (now on CD!). The band was fun, fast and nothing if not political. Tommy, the main songwriter was heavily influenced by DC bands like Minor Threat though he secretly dreamed of playing Jam-style pop. The band broke up in 1983 and it was all my fault. See, I thought we had ALREADY broken up and had plans scheduled for the day of a very big gig in DC (Rock Against Racism on July 4th, I think -- I missed it for a god damned bar-b-q w/ my girlfriend -- it's a long and embarrassing story!). I went on to release 5 LPs of Syd Barret-like psych-pop on Midnight Records under the band name Dimentia 13. Now I'm in Tokyo working for the people who make the ULTRAMAN TV show and releasing my own CDRs (write me at doubtboy@gol.com for more info). Jimi's doing art in Kent. Tommy, last I heard, was in San Francisco working at Mordam Records. Johnny Phlegm is in Michigan. What became of Mike Hurray? Last I knew he had a pet wolf in his backyard -- maybe he was eaten!

Brad Warner

I think i was in 10th grade then...in Wadsworth, Ohio...land of blue tip matches...my friend jerry kruger and i saw a flyer for black flag, playing at the strand theatre... so we went on down... black flag didn't make it... but it ended up being 2 bucks for o-dfx, urban mutants, offbeats, and a slew of others... the theatre was all run-down and rat infested...and the place was even more tore up after that night... a day or two later there was a dude doing the marque up and we asked (in our naive, innocent tone) "when you gonna have more punk bands here???"... his reply: "never again".

Logan Firestone


New Hope Comp

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