Rocket From the Tombs

Peter Laughner - Guitar, Vocals

Cheetah Chrome - Guitar, Vocals

Craig Bell - Bass, Vocals

Johnny Blitz (John Madansky) – Drums

Crocus Behemoth (David Thomas) - Keyboard, Vocal (lead)

Richard Lloyd - Guitar

Don Evans - Drums

Wayne Strick – Drums

7 Questions with Cheetah Chrome
(regarding Peter Laughner and "Ain't It Fun")
by: Cheese Borger

How did you two meet?
I met Peter through an ad in the Plain Dealer for, I believe, a guitarist and drummer. I remember the ad specifically mentioning the Stooges, and so I called up and we arranged to hook up at some little bar on W. 6th St. that was near the infamous loft (and had excellent chili). By the way, the RFTT tapes and that Frankenstein "eve of the DB's" EP were both recorded in the same room in that loft. Anyway, we got on all right,so we decided to have a jam.

Do you remember the first time you 2 jammed together?
I believe me, Blitz, his cousin and a case of Rolling Rock made it down to a jam one night. Also present may have been Tony Maimone and Tim Wright, possibly Pete's wife Charlotte.

You 2 wrote "Aint It Fun" together, right?
Yep, sure did.

Who wrote the words, who wrote the licks?

I had the music written before I met Pete, one of a couple of songs I brought to the party when we hooked up (also What Love Is, Transfusion, Never Gonna Kill Myself Again, Down in Flames, the basics for Amphetamine and of course, Sonic) Pete came up with these amazing lyrics, I'm not sure if he had them before or not.

What did ya think of the Guns & Roses version?
A little polished for my taste, but they can cover any of my songs they want to anytime. Slash and Duff are real gentlemen.

What is your favorite memory with Peter?
We hadn't hung out in quite some time, and after the famous incident where Patti Smith threw him offstage, I was hanging out after hours at CB's, smoking a joint with Cosmo and Charlie, the light and sound guys at Cb's. We hear this banging at the front door, and when we open it, it's Pete. We ended up at my place drinking, playing records, shootin the shit, all that good happy crappy, just like the old days when we were still in Rockets. He went back to CLE the next day. The next time I saw him was a little over a month later, at his wake. Before we left I put a little guitar ear ring of mine in his hand, and I hope it's still there.

What is your funniest Peter Story?
When Charlotte threw a platform shoe at him for licking beer off of a local groupie's tits and broke his nose. He was throwing up blood all the next day.


I used to get my haircuts, every six weeks in a basement, on Coventry drive, in Parma. My older cousin Larry (Two and a-half years) played guitar in a band which practiced down there. The band was SARAH BLUE, and two of them motherfuckers were CHEETAH CHROME and JOHNNY BLITZ.

One poster on the wall was of JIMI HENDRIX,with a caption of "See you in the next world, don't be late" or some shit like that.

And another pronounced: WMMS Where Music Means Something.

Ain't it Fun

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