Spike in Vain

Robert Griffin - Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Andrew Marec - Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Chris Marec - Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Bruce Allen – Drums

Scott Pickering - Drums

Kevin Schering - Bass

I grew up in the same neighborhood as the Marec brothers. In fact, I was friends with their little sister, Holly. The Marec brothers used to walk everywhere. I'd see them constantly. They looked different from other teenagers/young adults, but not extreme or off-putting in any way. They looked super cool.

Death Drives a Cadillac (unreleased) 1986

One of my alltime favorite records, whether by a CLE band or not, is S'n'V's Disease is Relative. I remember seeing them playing a gig down in Kent at JB's Down before they put it out (on their own Trans-DADA Records!), trying to finance it by going around the club selling charity candy bars to people from those little carrying boxes like schoolkids do to raise money for their school! Pretty funny - but well worth the effort!

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