Rocket From the Tombs

The Band


Peter Laughner - Guitar, Vocals

Cheetah Chrome (Eugene O'Connor) - Guitar, Vocals

Craig Bell - Bass, Vocals

Johnny Blitz (John Madansky) – Drums

Crocus Behemoth (David Thomas) - Keyboard, Vocal (lead)




Richard Lloyd - Guitar


Don Evans - Drums


Wayne Strick – Drums



The Rocket From the Tombs Story (1973-75)
Courtesy of Ubu Projex



I used to get my haircuts, every six weeks in a basement, on Coventry drive, in Parma. My older cousin Larry (Two and a-half years) played guitar in a band which practiced down there. The band was SARAH BLUE, and two of them motherfuckers were CHEETAH CHROME and JOHNNY BLITZ.

One poster on the wall was of JIMI HENDRIX,with a caption of "See you in the next world, don't be late" or some shit like that.

And another pronounced: WMMS Where Music Means Something.

Ain't it Fun

Never Gonna Kill Myself Again